Field sites



Field sites


Our study of wall lizards takes us to beautiful locations in southern Europe, such as Tuscany, Liguria and the foothills of the Pyrenees. We also regularly conduct field work in many non-native populations in England. Field work on the Egernia lizards of Australia provide a welcome respite from the European winter. Daphnia field sites are found in southern Sweden.


Rapallo is in the centre of the hybrid cline along the Ligurian coast.

The mountains of Liguria provide some stunning field locations.


Portland is one of the main locations for wall lizards originating from France.

dorset uk

Many non-native populations in England are found in disused quarries along the Dorset coast.



How do wall lizard embryos in the Pyrenees cope with high altitude?

A typical Egernia study location in southern Tasmania.


Daphnia field sites are in the southern Sweden.

Alex sampling daphnias at the Ellestadsjön.