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Thesis work

“Computational modelling of early cleavage in Metazoans. The case of the spiral pattern”. Director: Dr. Isaac Salazar-Ciudad. Department of Genetics, bioinformatics and evolution. Autonoma University of Barcelona. Available online at:


Peer-reviewed Journals

Rago, A., Kouvaris, K., Brun-Usan, M., Watson, R, Uller, T. 2019. Irreversible phenotypic plasticity. (In preparation).

Brun-Usan, M., Rago, A., Thies, Ch., Uller, T., Watson, R.A. 2019. The evolution of phenotypic plasticity can lead the evolution of genetic evolvability more easily than vice versa. (In preparation).

Brun-Usan, M., Thies, Ch., Watson, R.A. 2019. How to fit in ? The learning principles of cell differentiation. (Under review) Preprint at bioRxiv 532747; doi:

Giannopoulou, E., Baquero, P., Warang, A., Orciuoli, , Estevez, A.T., Brun-Usan, M. (2018). Biological pattern based on reaction-diffusion mechanism employed as a fabrication strategy for a shell structure. FME transactions, in press.

Brun-Usan, M., Marin-Riera, M., Salazar‐Ciudad, I. (2016) A simple cell processes are sufficient to model spiral cleavage. Development. 144: 54-62.  This paper gave rise to an interview in the Developmental Biologists’ website “The node”:  (

Marin-Riera, M., Brun-Usan, M., Zimm, R., & Välikangas, T. (2015). Computational modelling of development by epithelia, mesenchyme and their interactions: a unified model. Bioinformatics, 32(2), 219-225.

Brun‐Usan, M., Marin‐Riera, M., & Salazar‐Ciudad, I. (2014). On the effect of phenotypic dimensionality on adaptation and optimality. Journal of evolutionary biology, 27(12), 2614-2628.


Peer-reviewed Book Chapters

Marin-Riera, M., Brun-Usan, M. Can we compute the embryo ? In. Old questions and young approaches to animal evolution. Eds. Martin-Duran & Vellutini. Springer. Verlag. In press.

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Brun-Usan, M., Salazar-Ciudad, I. The evolution of cleavage patterns in metazoans. In. Evolutionary Developmental Biology – A Reference Guide. Eds. Nuño de la Rosa, L & Müller, G.B. Springer. Verlag.


Non peer-reviewed, Divulgative Journals, Media

Brun-Usan, M. (Aug. 2018) The unlikely but fruitful waltz of a curious couple: phenotypic plasticity and learning theory. EES Blog.

Brun-Usan, M. (2018). “The Extended Phenotype of Bees”. Bee World, 95(4), 106-106.

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